🔒 The Big Breakout!

A very slightly puzzling game of escape for the Game Boy - your team on the outside can get you the items you need, but they have to fit in peculiar shapes to get to you so you can break out.

Pick items to take on your adventure, then run the scenario to see what happens. Good luck!

You can play The Big Breakout in the browser or in an emulator or on your actual Game Boy by downloading the ROM file provided. 🎮


Z - A button

X - B button

WASD or arrow keys - directional pad

Enter/Return - start button (runs the escape scenario)

Left shift - select button (opens the menu in from within levels)


A game by kattrali and kylef, made with GBDK-2020 for GBJam11!


big-breakout.gb 32 kB

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